The construction of any house has to rest on solid foundations to insure its long-term stability. Furthermore, every construction has its own specific aspects which must be taken into account. We have this expertise.

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When building a foundation for an industrial construction project, it is important to consider the characteristics of this specific company.
We are the professionals you are looking for to ensure the safety of your project, the respect of your deadlines, and to work according to the highest standards of quality and efficiency.

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When it comes to an institutional construction, high-level professionals are required to lay the foundations of such a construction. Don't look any further! You can count on our wealth of expertise.

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Fox Contruction


Fox Construction specializes in concrete framing, precisely in frameworks, concrete forms and armature for the industrial, institutional and multi-renting sectors. Our company manages medium to large-scale projects, from which the complexity and nature will vary considerably according to the clientele or type of project. By prioritizing the latest technological breakthroughs, modern techniques and processes inherent to its domain, Construction Fox ranks among the best cutting-edge companies.

The professionalism and the integrity that we require from our team and partners allows us to meet the requirements of the industry, by putting forward our know-how and experience. Our flexibility, performance and thoroughness allows us to remain amongst the leaders in formwork. Our company is committed daily to a strict code of ethics and quality, as well as respecting timelines and budget and maintaining an optimal level of safety on construction sites.

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