Multi-Rental Formwork

For multi-floor buildings or for multi-level constructions, it is always necessary to take into account the load that the foundations will have to support, as well as the numerous characteristics associated with this type of construction : i.e. different types of entrances, as well as the type of windows that will be installed. Our specialists have the extensive know-how to properly complete multi-rental projects according to the highest industry standards.

Institutional Formwork

Any institutional construction project requires first and foremost high quality foundations to guarantee a long-term sustainability. No matter what the frames required for the foundations are, Construction Fox has all the equipment required to obtain the required concrete pouring. Our vast experience in the domain will allow us to complete your most audacious projects. Tell us what you want. We will know how to concretize your projects according to the highest quality standards.

Industrial Formwork

All industrial projects require adequate foundations. Therefore, you will need a teams of professionals that not only has the proper equipment, but that will also provide attention to details and respect budgets and deadlines. We are these experts you’re looking for. Let us advise you far beyond your initial expectations !

Residential Formwork

Whether it is for a construction project of a conventional residence or for a much more audacious project, you need specialists who will know how to lay the essential foundations for its construction. At Construction Fox, nothing can stop us. No project is unrealistic. We have the equipment, the experts and the primary concern to respond to your all your needs. Let us know and we will be there for you !

Civil Engineering Formwork

Construction Fox is placing itself more and more as a major player in the Quebec formwork industry. Well beyond the foundations essential to any residence, we have developed a vast expertise which goes as far as the realization of any formwork project for any concrete structure or super-structure. Whether it is for a new structure or for any expansion or repair project, we are leaders in this area.

Curb and Sidewalk Formwork

Whether you are an individual, a company or a municipality, you undeniably have to confide your sidewalks and curbs needs to a team of professionals in formwork. These experts will know how to set the required forms so that the concrete can be properly poured. Due to our knowledge and constant concern for quality, we are these experts you’re looking for.

Repair of walls and concrete paving stones

Our weather conditions and the wear and tear of time is most likely to affect the condition of concrete, even if, at first, the work was well executed. That is the reason why, before the damage is more important, it is imperative to proceed to the repair of these walls, paving stones or other structures. Our experience in all the domains requiring formwork is the best guarantee of success for repairs. A simple call will do it.